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Imagine a barren view, desertic low dunes and an infinite landscape, then almost inmediately a litlle valley, such a paradaise in the middle of almost nothing, between two long rows of mountains. The Andes themself in its bitrh place, not less challenging for that. Hold your breath and keep looking, while a strong breese whisper at your ear a suggest: this place holded something amazing. Maybe 66 hc. dont seem like a world, but there was a time when this place became one, strange, unique... the oldest of Southamerica...

The ancient city of Caral, or what we can see now of it, is located 182Km. north from Lima, Peruís capital city, in the small Supe valley, which is being feed today by no more than ocassional flows of water. Against all you can think about it, this is not another inca remains. No my friend, its inhabitants dont even dream about the wonders of that empire. They just did something that could be consider as incredible, they build a civilization: monumental piramids, temples, residential zones and a social organization to keep it together working in a very complex system that made them the centre of a large group of 18 ancient towns. You are not wrong, Caral was more than can even imagine today.

Many pictures and stories you could find about it, but that breeze, that eternal desert, that marvellouse view of what it was, it is and it represents will always invite you to visit it, to love it, ande before all that... to dream it.

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3 days & 2 nights

Escape to CHILE
Tradition & Good Wine

You will have the unique chance to enjoy the wine makers tradition of chilean people and have a wonderfull time between nature and modernity.

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